Monday, October 20, 2008


Around here has been absolutely nuts. So, I started school, and there is a butt-load of studying and reading involved in all that. SO I am trying to dedicate time for that on top of being mommy, which I have done a good job of it. Until, last Wednesday, Granny decided to take a tumble at the mailbox. She decided she would jump on out of her car like a spring chicken and get her Albany Herald. See when she did this, she fell. When she fell, she nicked her temporal artery. So she made a huge mess on the sidewalk. We spent all night Wednesday night in the Emergency Room, and she is still hanging out in the hospital. She is doing okay. She is having problems seeing out of the eye on the side she had the laceration on, she is very weak, and in a bit of pain. It scares me, heak she took a tumble for an 85 year old woman. Thank God she did not break anything. The latest, they are going to evaluate her for physical therapy, and it is looking like she will be doing in-hospital rehab for a few more days. I was just talking to Dad, and we both agree she is getting depressed. So if ya would just lift her up if ya think about it. She hasn't really been up and around since she fell. The whole overall situation scares me, not necessarily from a medical standpoint, but just the simple fact that things are not right at home. Granny is missing, and I HATE it! Well enough about that.

Kate, have you popped little Micha out yet?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some Stuff!

It is Sunday evening, and I am very excited and nervous. On Wednesday of this week, I start school, like for real school. No more online classes, I actually have to show up to a classroom. I have been working towards this day for over a year now, and I am getting nervous now. So if ya think about me on Wednesday, shoot up a quick lil prayer. So the other good thing about this week, is I am finishing up my English class. HALLELUJAH!! I am very excited about that.

Pretty much everyone is kickin' along pretty well around here. Today at lunch, I was informed that Harrison was sitting at the table and looked at Ben, Mrs. Len Hagan's brother that farms, and said, "Ben, your irrigations is broke in front of Aunt Len's house because it is dripping on the ground". How bout that. Harrison is Mr. Irrigation now. He is so funny and so sweet. That is pretty much all that is going on around our house. I hope all is doing well.