Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Harrison Funny!

The other evening, we were just hanging around the house playing with trains and watching freaking Thomas the Stupid Train. Anyway, Harrison heard Granny in the kitchen and he walked in there and told her he wanted a vitamin. That is Granny's job around here, to make sure Harrison takes his vitamins. So anyway, she had no idea what he said, either because he was talking too low and she just can't hear, or she was trying to talk to him while he was talking either way. Harrison told her four or five times he wanted a vitamin and granny kept say "What Harrison, what do you want"? So finally my child made it very clear what he wanted. He said, "I WANT A VI-TA-MIN!" Just as loud and just as clear making sure to enunciate every syllable of every word. It was great, it cracked me up!


KateVonGlahn said...

Smart ass just like his mama!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kate. Smart ass! LOL!

HaleyM said...

You guys can't help but love me anyway!