Friday, September 19, 2008

For Mrs. Claire!

I wanted you to read this about Harrison. So I decided to do a little copying and pasting for ya! I made it where you can now comment on my page now! Great to see ya!

You all know when you got in trouble when you were younger when your parents sure enough meant business, they would not only call you by your first name, but your first and middle name. You know it always got your attention. I always hated to hear it come rolling out of one of my parents mouth. That usually meant that it was not fixing to be pretty. Anyway I have a funny to tell on Harrison....Last night Harrison was building a 'train' with his big blocks. His train with his big lego blocks consist of lining them up behind each other and calling it a train. Anyway, the first time he had about three or four blocks lined up, and Kitty which is about a 12 week old kitten or so saw an opportunity to mess with his train he was building and took the opportunity. Kitty knocked over his blocks with one pounce, and it made Harrison MAD! Well he lined the blocks up again and Kitty pounced once again knocking the train off the track. Harrison stood up and put his hands on his hip and said "Kitty Robert don't knock my train over or you go to time out". How do you keep your composure? That is my child. I guess he has personally experienced the "Harrison Robert....." scolding enough, he thought it would work with Kitty. Unfortunately, it didn't!

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